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The world is an ever-changing series of billions of frames. Photography is just choosing yours. You don’t take a photo, the photo presents itself. All you need is to be there. Be really there. There is no such thing as “later” in photography. It doesn’t have a tense. It’s seen, lived and done in the ‘now’ because two moments are never identical. Forget the what, don’t worry about the how, photography is in the ‘why’ you click something. This is why I see myself as a passion photographer. I seek inspiration from and take pictures of every kind of subject, as I believe that each one has a unique story to tell. Be it Nature, Travel, Landscape, People, Architecture and Interior, Industrial, Products, Portraiture, Automobiles, Wildlife, Food, Fine art… All I need is a subject as I try my best to weave tales around it with my photography.


Natural Designs
If we want to be world-class designers, the best inspiration is Nature. Every form, every shape, every pattern, every texture, every colour, every design and on and on, there is everything in nature. It is an unlimited, ever-changing broadcasting station. We just need to tune in.