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I seek inspiration from and take pictures of different kinds of subjects, as I believe that each one has a unique story to tell. Be it Travel, Landscape, People, Architecture, Industrial, Product, Portraiture, Automobile, Wildlife, Food, Fine Art…..All I need is a subject, as I try my best to weave tales around it with my Photography.



Photography is a way of expressing myself, my thoughts and the wonders that we are surrounded by. Photography gives me purpose. I am constantly in search of a picture, a moment or a subject that I have not seen before. Capturing these one-of-a-kind memories through photography means the world to me.



I have found that teaching is the best way to reinvent myself. The continuous exchange of knowledge with bright young minds regularly, not only rejuvenates me, but also gives me a lot of new perspectives. This mutual exchange of knowledge inspires the teacher in me.



Light is ever present in the outdoors. Even in the middle of the night, there is moon light and the stars, or just the stars; there is Northern Light in the Arctic & Southern Light in the Antarctic. Light is never the same every moment. I have spent the better years of my life, chasing Light, trying to capture the ever-fleeting moments, for posterity. During this journey, Light has been my constant guide to Life.

Reach Out

Reach out

Photography has given me the power to express myself in ways that I cannot otherwise. My mission is to share this power of expression, with people who are unable to express themselves otherwise, develop the art of appreciating the simpler things in life, something that is the need of the hour.



10 reasons why I like, No Love, The Andamans.

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This was one of those make shift arrangements. I was wanting a high angle view of the Nandi.  But my tripod would not go that high. I used a light ...
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Natural Designs

If we want to be world-class designers, the best inspiration is Nature. Every form, every shape, every pattern, every texture, every colour, every design and on and on, there is everything in nature. It is an unlimited, ever-changing broadcasting station. We just need to tune in.