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behind the scenes

Jugaad is often a solution

  This was one of those make shift arrangements. I was wanting a high angle view of the Nandi.  But my tripod would not go that high. I used a light stand to get the height I wanted. The challenge was to get the right composition. The people at the […]

Learning about community living from the birds

  The interesting thing about these migratory birds is, once they find their nesting place, they just settle down for the duration. And soon a whole community forms. There is non-stop action within the community. You find them grooming themselves, beating their wings, dancing, building their nest, feeding their young,  […]

Nature decides where to throw light

  It was winter. Minus 5 degree temperature. At 7200 ft. elevation. I was taking pictures at a swamp. I found a whole lot of these spider webs, with sleeping spiders and fine icicles on the web.  Just on this spider web, there was one spotlight.  It almost felt like […]

High speed decisive moment

  I was doing pictures of aircrafts touching down at the Chennai Airport Runway. The main challenge was, getting the composition, and the focus right, at the decisive moment. All in the midst of the whoosh of incredible sound that swept over me, every time a flight zipped past. Once […]