10 perspectives of a camel

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We humans, have a tendency to glorify the beautiful and ignore the less than attractive.

This very idea is the core inspiration I derived from a set of creatures you would not consider looking at twice. The docile, the strong and the incredibly patient: Camels.

A dog has the potential to be man’s best friend; cats are capable of looking after themselves and are known to be self-serving; horses are gorgeous, easy to domesticate if they have the right temperament. Cows are overlooked by most although they’re worshipped by a vast majority of our Nation. So, where am I going with this? Camels are unassuming, passive creatures that quite certainly live in the “now”. Unfussy and easily adaptable to their surroundings, these animals bring a dimension to domestication you wouldn’t otherwise give thought to.

On a baser front, they can sustain themselves without any water in the harsh conditions of their habitat: the burning desert sands. When dust storms hit a desert, camels close their nostrils and their incredibly long eyelashes enable them to see clearly through the strongest gusts of wind. I now take you through a series of pictures I captured completely fascinated by these wonderful creatures.



Man is a social animal, an oft-used expression to describe the fact that human beings cannot survive without, at the very least, a semblance of society. Similarly, this image depicts that camels are friendly creatures, packed in their herds. There’s no fight to be ‘alpha’ as is apparent in a pack of lions. Their civility is captivating.



This image reminds me of childlike indulgence! It seems as though the camels share a secret and are laughing wholeheartedly, wouldn’t you agree? The subtle lighting and the expressions on their faces lend a softness to this image that embraces the attributes of an infant!




Long eye lashes and the hauntingly resilient look of the camel creates a semi- abstraction effect. A delicate grace blessed by Mother Nature in all her beauty encompass this photograph.



Their two toed hooves protect them from sinking in the sand, now, wouldn’t that be nice for a long walk on the beach?



Imagine a situation where you see camel dung on the earth. You side- step it. Then imagine what would the dung’s point of view be? I took the risk and fervently pleaded with our Ships of the Desert, for the entire minute it took to click this photo, to not poop on me!



When I saw the shadow, I thought to myself, “the shadow of the camel is just as beautiful.” My inspiration flowed from the shadow which had all the shapes and forms of these graceful beings.



As photographers, we discourage ‘visual overlap’ for it takes away from the mood of the image. This photograph, however, constitutes an exception to the rule for it adds an unusual dimension of conjoined twins. The allure of this photo is drawn from the setting sun, adding warmth at the end of a day’s hard work. After this frame, which took 5 seconds to click, the two camels moved away from each other.



What’re they looking at behind the horizon? I did a sweep, looked in the direction they were fixated on and all I saw was barren land! It’s as though they were discussing something other worldly, lost in thought and oblivious to their surroundings.



The legs of the camels form a beautiful frame for the owner.




As the evening approached the dust kicked up by the camels makes these sturdy animals look soft in this golden light.