I always had an artistic bent of mind. At any given point in time, my parents would find me with a notebook and a pencil recreating the sights and sounds of my life through relentless doodling. I got my first camera, a Pentax K1000, when in Singapore, where my father had sent me to broaden my horizons, as he was hell bent on the idea of making me a master of marketing. Photography was an expensive hobby back then. I remember being rationed one roll of Black and White film a month, as my budget could only accommodate so much.

While exploring this field, I stumbled upon Ansel Adams. He took my breath away. His images of Yosemite Valley in California left me wanting so much more. One picture in particular, a Black and White picture ‘Nevada Fall, Rainbow’ sealed the deal for me. I had found my calling. Photography was the road, and the destination.

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